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While it may be difficult to think about right now, you need to have a Living Will. We all do, because a Living Will focuses on a critical subject: What will happen to us if we are unable to make your own medical decisions. Do you want prolonged life-saving measures? Are you planning on donating your organs? These are just two crucial subjects that can be outlined ahead of time to ease the decision making burden on your loved ones in the event that something tragic happens to you.

Your life support wishes

Deciding on the terms of life support when you are fit to consider all of your options is exceptionally important to your future health and the loved ones who will be responsible. You need to evaluate the potential for life-sustaining equipment and feeding tubes in the event that doctors do not believe you will recover. If a person falls terminally ill or becomes permanently unconscious and they do not have a Living Will, their family is often faced with traumatic decisions. Avoid extra chaos during such a delicate time and make your decisions beforehand by creating a Living Will.

Organ donation

Imagine assuming your entire life that in the event of a fatal accident or illness, you would donate your organs to save another person’s life. Perhaps you even verbally expressed your wishes. However, when the time comes for the ultimate decision, your family members deny your request based on their religious beliefs and not your stated wishes. Or, the scenario could be the exact opposite. You have always been opposed to organ donation for your own personal reasons, but your family members decide to give consent when a doctor asks permission to arrange a harvest. Either way, this is your decision and you need to have it clearly stated in writing in a Living Will.

If you can’t make your own decisions

When individuals become incapacitated and unable to communicate their own desires it creates a stressful set of events for their loved ones. Regardless of whether your condition is the result of some kind of illness or mishap, your loved ones are surely distraught and wishing to do the best thing for you. Communicating clear instructions on what you would prefer to happen when you can no longer make decisions for yourself will ease the pain of your family debating the pros and cons and trying to decide. You are doing your family a great kindness when you take the time to create your Living Will.

Peace of mind

Sadly, some family members dispute each other’s verbal wishes. There is mental anguish surrounding both the decision to keep you alive with assistance or to let you slip away without artificial means of life support. These disputes often wreak havoc on families, wreck marriages and divide loved ones. Don’t let your tragedy be multiplied by the destruction it leaves behind for those who love you. Control your own destiny and remove your loved ones from responsibility by having a Living Will drawn up.

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Post Author: Johnni Knight